© St. Joseph’s Catholic School 2016 K-12 Curriculum Founded on Christian ethical principles, the Academy's curriculum emphasizes fundamental skills and perpetuates the legacy of Western traditions.  The faculty strives to develop solid academic skills in their students in the areas of reading, writing, arithmetic, speaking and critical thinking, as well as an appreciation for the fine arts. Grade School Curriculum:  (Kindergarten - 6th grade) Religion Science Math  Art Social Studies Music Language Arts  Greek and Latin Roots Junior High Curriculum: (Grades 7 - 8) Religion Bible / Church History Science Language Arts: creative writing, grammar, penmanship Latin Music Math and Pre-Algebra Geography   High School Curriculum: (Grades 9 - 12)   Grades 9 and 10  Grades 11 and 12 Theology I and II Theology III and IV English I and II American Literature, English Literature American History, Western Civilization Government/Economics, Contemporary World Problems Algebra I, Geometry Advanced Algebra, Discrete Mathematics Physical Science, Biology Physics Physical Education Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Psychology Keyboarding, Word Processing, Excel, PowerPoint, web paging Journalism, Publishing Choir Choir, Art Appreciation, Drawing, Drama, Photography Latin I and II Latin III