© St. Joseph’s Catholic School 2016 St. Joseph's Catholic School is dedicated to excellence both in education and the salvation of souls. We strive to accomplish this end by teaching students to gain a deep understanding and commitment to the Roman Catholic Faith; to learn and appreciate the traditions and values of a Catholic culture and the means whereby these may be preserved in the modern world; to develop solid academic skills in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, speaking and critical thinking; and to gain an appreciation of the fine arts. This is a positive means of ensuring the preservation of the American ideals we treasure. St. Joseph's offers students a unique educational alternative by striving to impart to our students an abiding faith and love of God, respect for themselves and others, and a true love of country. St. Joseph's is a K-12 school which upholds high ideals through rigid academic standards and character formation as well as a deep spiritual connection with God. Close interaction between teachers and students provides a bond not found in most schools and ensures that no student is left behind. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, St. Joseph's prepares young men and women to contribute to a moral society, and to be the future leaders of the 21st century.